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I currenty own the following ThinkPads:

  • L40SX: Does not has an OS installed, could probably run FreeDOS
  • N31SX: does not work, adapter missing
  • CL57SX (AC adapter missing)
  • 300: adapter missing
  • 500: runs Windows 3.11
  • 340: runs Windows 3.11
  • 700C: adapter missing, battery missing
  • 701Cs: works, CMOS battery has to be replaced
  • 360CSE: works, runs W95
  • 360CSE (broken)
  • 760CD: works, runs Windows 95 or OS/2
  • T30: runs Windows XP with specialized software from Mercedes
  • T60: painted in yellow, runs Debian
  • X61t: runs Xubuntu
  • T61 (broken)
  • X200
  • X201: Coreboot testing machine
  • T420: daily machine
  • T530: screen is broken

Furthermore, I have some IBM keyboards:

  • Model F (x2), with single Soarers USB adapter, 150 degrees DIN
  • Model M, Dutch ISO layout
  • Model M, US int
  • Model M battleship, US int, with Soarers USB adapter, 180 degrees DIN

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